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Wilsonart Introduces Industry-First Nonflammable Canister Contact Adhesives

Wilsonart® NF700/NF740 Series’ patent-pending, nonflammable formulations are
methylene chloride and n-propyl bromide free


TEMPLE, TX (January 9, 2018) – Wilsonart Adhesive has developed a new, revolutionary canister contact adhesive. A technological breakthrough for solvent-based canister contact adhesives, Wilsonart® Nonflammable NF700 and NF740 Canister Adhesive series are the first nonflammable formulations with a nonflammable propellant that DO NOT contain the solvents methylene chloride or n-propyl bromide making it the go-to canister contact adhesive for all laminating applications.

“For six decades, Wilsonart has been committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices,” said Jake Lyro, Senior Product Manager for Wilsonart. “This innovation is the latest example of Wilsonart’s commitment. Even better, this new adhesive applies and performs just like their favorite canister contact adhesive product but in a nonflammable option.” With outstanding bond strength and high heat resistance, Wilsonart NF700 and NF740 series feature the same reliable rubbers, resins, performance, and product attributes as Wilsonart’s popular WA700 and WA740 series contact adhesives. Wilsonart Nonflammable series come in the same self-contained canister utilizing the same hardware; no new equipment purchases or retraining required. These adhesives exhibit a fast and permanent bond with a strong initial tack and are fast drying within 2-5 minutes.

The ground-breaking Wilsonart® NF702/703 and NF742/743 Adhesive is available in clear and green dyed versions, a 9 or 30-pound disposable canister, along with a 140 or 300-pound returnable canister; all DOT “green diamond” applicable for ease in shipping and storage.

For more information about Wilsonart Adhesives and where to buy, visit or call 1-800-433-3222, and to access product information, click here.